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Home ownership is the foundation of a sound financial plan

Realty on the Greene, LLC is an independently owned and operated full service Real Estate Brokerage company serving Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Prospect Heights, Lefferts Gardens and Crown Heights Brooklyn, NY. Since 1992

We serve buyers and sellers of both residential and investment and commercial property within our “farm”: Landlords and tenants, buyers and sellers of residential, retail and commercial property.

We are not "the largest residential Brokerage Company" nor do we "sell billions of dollars’ worth... every year". We are not trying to sell everything from Manhattan to Montauk or even all of Brooklyn, what we do is what we know and do best; Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Prospect Heights and Crown Heights, the neighborhoods we love and live in ourselves. Real Estate is not a National market it is a local market.

Buying a home in Brooklyn has proven time and time again to be a very good decision not only as an investment, but for peace of mind and pride in home ownership. Brooklyn has many wonderful neighborhoods with many diverse assets, services and institutions, both historic and contemporary. “If you don’t like Brooklyn, it’s cause you’re in the wrong hood”.

Real Estate is also a great place to invest your retirement funds keeping them close to home where you can see, touch and watch them grow.

Do not be another "I could have, I should have, and I would have." That never bought. Start small: a co-op and three moves will get you to your dream house.

At the other end of the cycle, selling should not be as painful as some agents make it. We work hard for our sellers and respect the blood, sweat and tears as well as many joys you have in your home.

Home ownership is the foundation of a sound financial plan. Feel free to call us and put us to work for you.

Everyone in our team at Realty on the Greene have many years of experience, some are from second generation Brooklyn Real Estate families, some have come through the ranks of construction or finance. But we all work together to serve you our customers and clients.

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